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An Aesthetic and General Practice putting your well-being first!

Aesthetics and Holistic Wellness!

We are firm believers that Aesthetic and General Medicine should include elements to satisfy your soul.

The team at Wellnessthetics want you to leave feeling refreshed, beautiful, satisfied and on the road to recovery and wellness.

Your experience here

You will be approached with excellent customer care and friendliness, mixed with the scent of freshly ground coffee brewing for your enjoyment.

Dr Cobus or a member of his team will see to your needs.

Enjoying your time with us means you will be more relaxed and this makes for easier and more successful treatments.

Aesthetic medicine

Dr Cobus is first and foremost a doctor and the medicine of aesthetics is what keeps him developing new and better techniques to achieve the aesthetic results you want. Working with sound medicine as the base point you can also be assured that Dr Cobus will only use tried and trusted techniques and products. This means safe and predictable results for you, and therefore happy and satisfied patients and clients.

 If you are looking for wrinkle treatments or skin rejuvenation the team at Wellnessthetics will have you covered. Some Aesthetic medicine options available at Wellnessthetics include:

Holistic Wellness

Feeling confident and successful is as much part of being beautiful as is the art of looking beautiful. We want to nurture both elements of beauty at Wellnessthetics. We can assist with:

  • General medical practice
  • Glucose screening
  • Cholesterol screening
  • HIV
  • Pregnancy ultrasound
  • Depression
  • Etc.

Enjoy our site

 This website serves to provide useful information about our procedures and the wonderful world of Aesthetic medicine and Holistic Wellness. We always recommend that you visit us to answer any questions you may have or to see what a personalised treatment plan can do for you.

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